When you are successful you must give back to society. Society gives us so much; we must reciprocate.

Who We Are

We, Divine Wellness Projects are an organization that works for wellness as the name suggests. Wellness can be in the mean of any perspective, it may be in the form of pecuniary, social, occupational, educational, medical or intellectual wellness.

We are undertaking different profitable and non-profitable consumer friendly projects for the enriching the lives of the people of our nation. An NGO named Golden Group Foundation will take care of our non-profitable projects.

Introducing the first project named “Rashtriya Sarvajan Annapurna Abhiyan’ for the financial, social and work-related wellness for the people in anywhere in India. By the means of this project, the people of India will be able to acquire their basic needs at the best possible low-cost in the vicinity regardless of their locality, caste, religion, social or financial status. This project will help the people to earn a living at their own place by connecting with Divine Wellness Projects. Getting the best quality goods and grocery at the least price will enhance their financial condition and lifestyle that will consequently upgrade their social status.

After the first project gets streamlined, in the waiting list are the other projects that will focus on the different social scenarios mentioned above.


Our Goals

  • Financial Wellness
  • Work-related Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Educational Wellness
  • Medical Wellness
  • Lifestyle Wellness
Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Darshan Vyas


Nitish Bhojani

MD (Admin & PR)

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